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Portable Opened Ports Viewer [2022] Opened Ports Viewer is a powerful and easy to use Windows utility that shows a list of all open ports on your network. It shows you every IP address and port number used by the computers in your network. The program does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the disk clean after removal. All connections can be displayed in a simple tree list, as well as port name, protocol, local and remote IP addresses, port number, process ID and name. All connections can be printed, saved as HTML, CSV or TXT files, or displayed with custom resolution. Opened Ports Viewer key features: Portable Opened Ports Viewer Cracked 2022 Latest Version main features: Open up to 5000 sockets. Free stand-alone software, no installation. Sensitive, safe and reliable. Can be run from the start menu without an installation. Simple-to-use and not intrusive. Additional features: Displays all open TCP and UDP sockets. Easy-to-use GUI. Sensitive, safe and reliable. Trial version is available. Mac OS X compatible. Universal port viewer that can display all opened TCP, UDP, DCCP, RTP and other sockets. Optimized for systems with minimal resources. Easy to use with low resource consumption. Automatically saves all open TCP and UDP ports. Fast detection of network devices. Optimized for systems with minimal resources. Fast detection of network devices. Exporting of results to CSV, HTML, TXT and MHTML. Support for saving images to SVG, PDF and BMP formats. Multilingual installation. Support for all file formats: Portable Opened Ports Viewer, besides saving data to TXT and CSV, also stores results to HTML format, that contains the structure of each list, as well as the order of the connections. Supported languages: Portable Opened Ports Viewer is available in 14 different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. The program can be set to show text in any of these languages. Supports Mac OS X: Portable Opened Ports Viewer can be used in Mac OS X, including Mountain Lion and Mavericks. It is available as a universal app, that can be easily downloaded from Portable Opened Ports Viewer WinPCAP Netmon is a handy tool for capturing network traffic and troubleshooting connectivity issues. The program is capable of capturing all packets transmitted on the network and displaying their traffic information and statistics. It lets you capture all packets, just certain packets, or packets to specified hosts. In the latter case, packets are captured by specified IP address or host name. You can also search for specific packets, such as ICMP, TCP, UDP or ARP. After capturing a packet, you can view the contents of the packet, including headers, body and any attachments, such as IP header. Netmon also provides many detailed statistics about captured packets, including summary, statistics, loss rate and misbehaving packets. It offers two capturing modes: passive and active. Netmon also supports a reliable and consistent packet capture, automatically retransmitting lost packets and establishing retransmission windows. Netmon provides complete packet capturing to all IP protocols, including IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/IPv6, PPP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Infrared. Support for TCP, UDP, ICMP, RARP, BOOTP, IGMP, GRE, STP, PPTP, PP2PP, L2TP, SCTP, DHCP, IPX, OSPF, RIP, SNMP, VINES, FTP, HTTP, POP3, MQTT and TELNET protocols. Packet capturing can be performed on local or remote hosts. You can set filter rules to specify which packets to capture. The capture results can be saved to a file for offline viewing and analysis. The program supports unicast and broadcast packet capture, and can capture packets from multiple hosts simultaneously. Various data formats can be applied to the captured packets. NETMON 6.0 supports capturing of any protocols that support IEEE 802.11, as well as current 802.11, 802.15 and Bluetooth protocols. NETMON supports LANs with any IP version, up to and including IPv6. NETMON supports the IPv4, IPv6, L2TP/IPSec, MQTT and IPv6 Over IPv4 with mobile protocol classes. NETMON supports IPSec, PPTP, GRE, TIP, SCTP and MOBIKE. NETMON supports NAT and multiple NAT traversal technologies: NAT-PMP, NAT-PT, NAT-PMP, NAT-PT, PAT, DNAT and REDIRECT. NETMON supports PPPoE, PPPoA, PPPoIP 8e68912320 Portable Opened Ports Viewer Crack Full Product Key This award-winning Window's utility lets you record keyboard macros on your computer. With Keymacro you can speed up repetitive tasks, execute any action you want, from copying text to changing the screen saver. Keymacro is a great keyboard-recording tool that enables you to define any keyboard combination you want, then apply it to any program you want. Once defined, the keyboard macro can be activated by a key combination on your keyboard. You can set your macro to run whenever you want it to. Keymacro allows you to: - Record any combination of keys from any program - Play a macro when a key is pressed or held down, in any program - Define a macro by using a shortcut key or a hot key - Automatically repeat a macro with any program - Play macros in a "flash", "pause", "loop", and "delay" mode - Play any macro in the background, as a Windows Service - Record macros from any program in your computer - Trigger an action when a program starts, while a program is running, or when a program is being closed - Play a macro in the background without being stopped by a program - Execute a macro when a program starts, while a program is running, or when a program is being closed - Save macros as Windows Script files (.vbs) - Save macros as applications (.exe) - Export macros as image files (.bmp) - Export macros as stand-alone applications (.scr) - Export macros as Windows Services (.scr) - Export macros as databases (.mdb) - Export macros as JavaScript files (.js) - Export macros as VB scripts (.vbs) - Export macros as.c files (.c) - Export macros as.cpp files (.cpp) - Export macros as.htm files (.htm) - Export macros as.htmx files (.htmx) - Export macros as.html files (.html) - Export macros as.htmlx files (.htmlx) - Export macros as.jpeg files (.jpeg) - Export macros as.jpg files (.jpg) - Export macros as.lha files (.lha) - Export macros as.man files (.man) - Export macros as.nfo files (.nfo) - Export macros as.pdb files (.pdb) - Export macros as.plc files (. What's New In? System Requirements: Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10, Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows XP SP3 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows Server 2008 SP3 (32-bit or 64-bit) A minimum of 1.5 GB free disk space 30 MB of RAM (1 GB of RAM) 60 MB of hard disk space D

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